Custom Size Prints

from 59 Ft
Sizes / prices

You can adjust the size of the photos with decimal precision. We will project the size you set onto the closest standard-sized photo paper.

Store pickup: 1-2 working days
Delivery: 2-3 working days

Photo Prints with uniquely adjustable print sizes

  • For frames with special size photos
  • For medals or small frames
  • Uniquely adjustable sizes from 1x1cm to 100x150cm
  • You can set your photo's size by millimeter accuracy


Why would you go with average if you can be unique? Have a frame that differs from the standard sizes? You can set the exact size you need by millimeter accuracy in our photo order page.



Our ordering software calculates the price automatically for your photo according to the standard size that it fits when you order custom size prints. So you just have to pay the price for the paper sizes above that you can fit your desired unique sized photo. If your photo is smaller than the paper, the remaining part around the photo will be white.