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Analogue Processing
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Special Offers

 C41 Process 1500,-
 C41 Process + Scan 2500,-
C41 Process + Scan + Prints 3500,-

It can be ready in 1 business day. |  We cannot process B&W and E-6 films (except Ilford XP2 (C41) B&W film. | Scanned to .jpg format, with cca. 1024x1545 pixels. | Prints are 10x15 cm each | This offer stands if you pay in advance. 


 Film Scanning

Low res. scan (JPG)  1500,-
Medium res. scan extra charge + 500,- 
High res. scan extra charge (only for 120 films)  soon...
Scan to .TIFF format extra charge + 500,-
Cut film scan extra charge + 500,-
Selected frames scan (per frame) 299,-

You can ask for the .TIFF format extra charge and the Medium res. exra charge for our special offers above!

What is the difference between JPG and TIFF scanning? What sizes are our scans? What are the differences between films?

Here You can compare some of our popular films scanned in different formats:

  Low res. scan, JPG High res. scan, JPG Low res. scan, TIFF High res. scan, TIFF
Kodak Colorplus soon... soon... soon... soon...
Fuji C200 soon... soon... soon... soon...

What sizes can we make the scans?

35mm film scans (135mm)

low res. 1024x1545 pixel (kb. 7-800 kb jpg)

high res. 2048x3091 pixel (kb. 2-3 Mb jpg)

medium format scans

4,5x6 size: low res. 1024x1398 px (5-600 kb jpg)

high res. 2048x2796 pixel

6x7 size: low res. 1024x1255 px

high res. 2048x2510 pixel




Films we cannot process:

- B&W films (except Ilford XP2); E-6 slide film process

- Professional film scanning

For B&W and E-6 slide film processing and professional scanning we recommend our partner lab: Lab4Art  (at Oktogon, 11, Aradi st.)



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