Analogue Services
Superfast C-41 color negative film processing, paper prints and film scanning in high quality in our Shop in the heart of Budapest or via courier service.

Photo film

Color Negatives, Black and White Negatives and Color Slide films. 35mm and 120 formats available.

Instant film

Instant films for FUJI Instax and Polaroid instant cameras.

Single-Use Camera

Single-Use film cameras with color or black and white films inside.


Film Developing, Scanning & Photo Prints.

Order them together to get the best price!

Film Developing

Film Developing + Scanning 6MP

Film Developing
+ Photo Prints 

Film Developing
+ Scanning 6 MP
+ Photo Prints

Film Developing
+ SuperScan 30 MP

Film Developing
+ SuperScan 30 MP
+ Photo Prints




4990 Ft

4990 Ft

5990 Ft

Film Developing: C 41, Black & White, E6 colour reversal and ECN-2 movie film developing | Scanning: Scanning in 2048x3091 px - 6 MP | SuperScan in 4492x6774 px - 30 MP | Photo Prints: Paper prints in 10x15 size


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Film scanning

We can scan your already developed films as well and send a unique Google Drive link with your scanned files.


Film scanning, Normal (6 megapixels/photo) 2500 Ft / roll
Film scanning, SuperScan (30 megapixels/photo) 4000 Ft / roll
Film cutting + HAMA negative sleeve (pergamin) 300 Ft / roll
Index Print (10x15 cm) 300 Ft / roll
Selected frames scanned from film, Normal  (35 mm, 120) 300 Ft / frame
Selected frames scanned from film, SuperScan (35 mm, 120) 600 Ft / frame


How about the scanning sizes?

35mm film (135)

Normal: 2048x3091 pixels (cca. 2-3 Mb jpg - 2200 dpi)

SuperScan: 4492x6774 pixels (cca. 18-20 Mb jpg - 4800 dpi)

Medium format film (120)

4,5x6 format:  2048x2796 pixels - cca. 1200 dpi

6x7 format: 2048x2510 pixels - cca. 900 dpi

SuperScan: 4,5x6 format: 3533x4824 pixels - cca. 2100 dpi

SuperScan: 6x7 format: 4827x5631 pixels - cca. 2000 dpi

Paper prints from your film

Prints and enlargements from your already developed films

9x13 cm 89 Ft
10x15 cm 99 Ft
13x18 cm 199 Ft
15x21 cm 499 Ft
18x24 cm 799 Ft
21x30 cm 999 Ft
30x40 cm 1799 Ft
30x45 cm 1999 Ft

We love films, and we strive to shoot exclusively on film ourselves. We carefully consider whether to capture each shot, eagerly anticipating the moment when the rolls are finished or developed so we can finally see what was worth capturing and how much we may have missed on a roll. Nevertheless, there's no feeling quite like shooting on real film. We're aware of this, which is why we take care of the negatives and try to get the most out of them, just as if they were our own. Whether it's developing negatives, enlarging prints, or scanning film, we handle the rolls with the same attention to detail and care, delivering with the same express speed and flexibility that our customers have come to expect from us.