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Professional Passport & Visa Photos in 5 minutes at Blaha Lujza square

Passport photos for passports, visas, passes or for any other purposes in specific sizes. Biometric & hungarian passport photos with white background for any kind of documents. We can make digital & printed passport photos.


How much are the passport photos?

4 Passport Photo on paper: 2000 Ft

Digital Passport Photo: 2000 Ft
Digital & 4 Passport Photo on paper: 2500 Ft

Where are we?

Blaha Lujza square, 1072 Budapest

38, Rákóczi st. (shop on the corner)

When are we open?

On weekdays from 10AM to 6PM.

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Many people say: "Whatever the photo will be, it is just an ID photo." We are sure that you also will be much happier with a succesful shot that you can use for years. So we repeat until you are satisfied with the photo.

We expect our customers from 10AM to 6PM on weekdays to take professional quality passport photos in minutes. No reservation needed.

You can find us in the city centre at Blaha Lujza square which is easily accessible from any part of the city.

Passport Photo with digital camera in minutes. We can make any standard or unique sized photo. We are taking photos of you until you are satisfied and accepted the result. You only need to pay for the ordered photo.


Biometric Photos

We take biometric passport photos with white background and pofessional ligthing in specific standard sizes. The prices of the biometric photos are the same of the normal passport photos.


DV Lottery

The photos for the DV Lottery requires special settings. We give you the completed photos with the needed specific sizes on a USB stick, CD or send you via e-mail. We can verify the completed photos for you on the official DV Lottery site.


Visa, USA Visa

Every country has different visa size requirements. Don't worry about the denial at the embassy! We can make you a visa in the exact required size for every country for the price of a normal passport photo


Digital Passport Photo

Digital Passport Photos for CVs or passes. Unique sizes, unique cropping and resolution exactly you need. We can retouch some unneeded skin imperfections for free, or more difficult retouch for some extra charge.


CV Photo

In front of a white background with a wider crop than a usual passport photo, with a few poses for the best result possible.