What is Fotológus? Apparently it is a company who deals with photography, but more than that , it is a philosophy. Philosophy of dedication to memories...

At Fotológus we believe that the prints we have developed are the bearers of your memories. Important memories.

Things that were also important at the moment of making the photo or became important over time. We therefore treat your memories accordingly. We take care of them, protect them, help them rebirth, so that every time you look at the pictures in an album or in a beautiful frame, you can experience it again and again and share the feelings with the loved ones that the past message. That is why we chose our slogan: We give life to your memories!

Our goal is to provide the best photo service for all professionals and photo enthusiasts with the highest quality demands.

For the best quality we need excellent materials and professionals. For this reason, our shop exclusively works with Kodak chemicals and photographic papers and our staff has been working with photo processing for at least 10 years.

Thanks to our continuous service developments, now we make color negative, black and white negative, slide, and digital processing.

We developed our online ordering system with many years of experience to be easy to handle for everyone yet it is also suitable for the widest possible individual needs.

We hope to welcome you soon as our customer in the shop or a customer on our website!


Fotológus Kft.